Creating an Ensemble

In 1977, in the work book of Lyudmila Zykina, an entry appeared: "01.09.1977 - State Republican Russian Folk Ensemble "Russia". Soloist, vocalist, artistic director, director".  

Now the singer has not only her own singing destiny in her hands, but also the fate of a whole team of outstanding musicians and rare professionals playing Russian folk instruments, gathered in one Ensemble from all over Russia. Viktor Gridin, a virtuoso accordion player, composer and arranger, was appointed conductor of the Rossiya Ensemble. As soon as it started its activity, the Ensemble "Russia" became one of the most popular groups both in the USSR and abroad. Greece, Denmark, Germany, Australia, Canada, USA, Algeria, Tunisia, Japan-the whole world applauded the Ensemble "Russia". The last stage of the singer's creative life, which lasted more than thirty years, is connected with the activities of the Ensemble" Russia".