The idea of creating an ensemble appeared in 1968

In 1968 Lyudmila Zykina, national USSR artist, was touring over the USA. This is where the ensemble first started. There Lyudmila met impresario Sol Hurok. Being impressed by her performance, impresario advised Lyudmila to create her own team. Later on the idea was supported in Moscow, where the first crew was formed, with the help of musician Roman Matskevych. Their debut tours took part in the USA. The musicians performed over 40 times in different parts of the country, including the famous Carnegie Hall in New York. 

This journey became the first ensemble’s event and decided their future. Now the goal for Lyudmila Zykina was to create a constant mobile group, performing Russian folk music. This way in 1977 “Russia”, the State academic ensemble, was established. Afterwards it will become one of the leading touring groups of the USSR. 

In 2009 ensemble “Russia” was named after its founder, the great singer of XX century, Lyudmila Zykina. The current principal, artistic and music director is Dmitry Dmitrienko, winner of all-Russian and international competitions. 

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State ensemble “Russia” named after Lyudmila Zykina is formed to preserve and develop the performing traditions of Russian musical culture. It unites talented young artists — adherents of the unique artistic direction of the popularly beloved singer Lyudmila Zykina.