The Russian song is sung by hear

Dedicated to Lyubov Rapieva

The ensemble Russia has a long creative professional friendship with Nazhmiddin Mavlyanov. "The Russian song is sung with the heart" - an album dedicated to the memory of the soloist's mother. The reason to create it was the childhood memories of Nazhmiddin Mavlyanov about how his mother performed Russian songs in the circle of relatives. Listening to these songs, he fell in love with music. There the love for the Motherland is born, which goes deep from the heart of every person.

The choice of the repertoire, which includes masterpieces of folk song art, is a joint decision of the soloist Nazhmiddin Mavlyanov and the artistic director of the ensemble “Russia” Dmitry Dmitrienko.

Nazhmiddin Mavlyanov is the soloist of the Moscow academic musical theater. Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko, guest soloist of the Bolshoi theatre, the Mariinsky theatre, the Royal Covent garden theatre, the Metropolitan Opera, the Flemish Opera, the German Opera on the Rhine and the Israeli Opera in tel Aviv.

Duration of the program is 1 hour without intermission.

Soloist — Nazhmiddin Mavlyanov.   Conductor — Dmitry Dmitrienko.   Producer — Elena Klimova.    

The premiere took place on November 13, 2018 at the Moscow House of Music.