The project “Open space”

The annual experimental laboratory for composers under the leadership of Dmitry Kurlyandsky

In 2016, the Zykina’s state academic folk ensemble "Russia" and the Cosmonautics Museum launched the annual experimental laboratory for composers under the leadership of the outstanding contemporary composer Dmitry Kurlyandsky. The project is called “Open space”.

The mission of the laboratory is to support the creativity of young composers through the formation of a tolerant attitude to the creative personality and promote its artistic realisation in the modern world, as well as the popularisation of works created for national orchestras. The purpose of the composers participating in the laboratory is to combine the tradition of Russian folk performance and the search for the avant-garde. The theme of the laboratory is space in contemporary art. It becomes an impulse for creating an original piece of music. Participants of the laboratory are invited to find an object or sound among the exhibits of the Cosmonautics Museum, which will serve as the basis for a future musical piece. The composers present their works annually in the performance of Zykina’s state academic folk ensemble “Russia”.

At first glance, the combination of the national Russian instruments, experimental searches of composers and space themes seems paradoxical. In fact, the cosmos, being the central idea of XX century in Russia, and folk art are equal components of the Russian national cultural code. Thoughts about the Universe has always fascinated the figures of the Russian avant-garde, as well as the ancient folk culture.

Such a contrasting connection of the national Russian instruments and space (composers are invited to fantasise about cosmic phenomena, discoveries and technical achievements, philosophical ideas of cosmism, etc.) should encourage the laboratory participants to search for individual compositional solutions and discover new opportunities for playing national instruments.

Procedure for conducting the laboratory:

The annual “Open space” laboratory is held in four stages on a competitive basis.

The first stage – recruitment of participants.

The second stage  – laboratory master classes, lectures, acquaintance with the exhibits presented in the museum, instrumental laboratory (composers get acquainted with the possibilities of instruments, experiment with musicians).

The third stage  is the composition of works.

The fourth stage – rehearsals with the orchestra, project presentations, final concert, awarding of laureates.

The Officeal Web Site:

The project “Open space” was created with the aim of developing modern musical art and supporting the creativity of Russian composers.

Dmitry Kurlandsky – Head of the laboratory

Dmitry Dmitrienko is the artistic director and conductor of Lyudmila Zykina’s state academic folk ensemble “Russia”.

Elena Klimova is the artistic director of Lyudmila Zykina’s state academic folk ensemble “Russia”.

The laboratory was launched in 2016.