The great journey

Interactive program for children

The ensemble "Russia" presents an interactive educational program for children - "The great journey".

This unique project allows young students to get the first lesson in their life playing folk instruments: domra, balalaika, accordion and the most magical Russian folk instrument — gusli. And how did these instruments come into being? How do they differ from others? And what do they perform today? These questions will be answered by uncle Dima himself, the conductor of the ensemble and the host of the program.

And at the end of the program, the audience will hear the story of the creator of the great Russian orchestra, the world's first orchestra of folk instruments – Vasily Andreev. In between interesting stories and exciting master classes for young participants of the program, the best compositions of Rimsky-Korsakov, Andreev, Sakharov, Arkhipovsky, Gridin, Shainsky, Tsygankov and Gorodovskaya will be performed.