Bunin. Dark alleys

Stage composition based on the stories by Bunin

Ivan Bunin is an outstanding Russian writer of the XX century, who talks in his works about the most personal and profound experiences. The theme of love — cruel and maddening, but at the same time beautiful and uplifting — is at the heart of every Bunin's work.

On stage, the writer's stories are performed by actors Elena Denisova and Vyacheslav Kornichenko. The actors, together with the Lyudmila Zykina’s ensemble ”Russia”, performing under the direction of conductor Mikhail Golovin, create a musical and literary canvas. There the viewer will see complex psychological and emotional patterns woven by the music and words.

Through the images of the heroes of Bunin's works, actors and musicians reveal the image of the Motherland – Russia. And the love story of the heroes develops into love for the Motherland, which the author lost in the storm of revolutionary events, just like the heroes of his stories lose each other.

A honoured Russian artist and contemporary composer, Vladimir Belyaev, created a unique composition specifically for the performance. It is based on the stories of the great Russian writer, transferring the Bunin’s language to the musical score. The author's composition will be performed by the ensemble "Russia" named after Lyudmila Zykina, along with works by P. Tchaikovsky, J. Massenet, A. Abaza.

Duration is 1 hour 10 minutes without intermission.

Director — Vyacheslav Kornichenko Conductor-director — Mikhail Golovin. The Composer — Vladimir Belyaev. Actors: V. Kornienko, E. Denisov.

The premiere took place on may 28, 2019 in the Astakhov Cultural Centre.