Open space IV

  1. «Element “Kolobok №1”» (Composer: Polina Korobkova)
  2. «The child of the Universe» (Composer: Maxim Babintsev)
  3. «Horizon of events» (Composer: Oleg Krokhalev)
  4. «Nebula» (Composer: Alexandra Korableva)
  5. «Acousticsofsoullessspace! (Composer: Dmitry Remezov)
  6. «dieMorgenröte» (Composer: Rachya Esayan)
  7. «SETI» (Composer: Dmitry Mazurov)

The project "Open space" was created with the aim of developing modern musical art and supporting the creativity of Russian composers.

The purpose of the composers participating in the laboratory is to combine the tradition of Russian folk performance and the search for the avant-garde. The theme of the laboratory is space in contemporary art. It becomes an impulse for creating an original piece of music. Participants of the laboratory are invited to find an object or sound among the exhibits of the Cosmonautics Museum, which will serve as the basis for a future musical piece. The composers present their works annually in the performance of Zykina’s state academic folk ensemble “Russia”.