Open space 1

  1. “Eternity” (Composer: Anastasia Kadysha)
  2. “Fe-Ni” (Composer: Anna Pospelova)
  3. “Particles” (Composer: Natalia Prokopenko)
  4. “Interpretetoskop” (Composer: Michael Puchkov)
  5. “The wind of the Sun” (Composer: Dmitry Timofeev)
  6. “Coral” (Composer: Vladimir Gorlinsky)
  7. “3 Pieces” (Composers: Darya Zvezdina and Kirill Shirokov)

The project "Open space" was created with the aim of developing modern musical art and supporting the creativity of Russian composers.

The purpose of the composers participating in the laboratory is to combine the tradition of Russian folk performance and the search for the avant-garde. The theme of the laboratory is space in contemporary art. It becomes an impulse for creating an original piece of music. Participants of the laboratory are invited to find an object or sound among the exhibits of the Cosmonautics Museum, which will serve as the basis for a future musical piece. The composers present their works annually in the performance of Zykina’s state academic folk ensemble “Russia”. 

Experimental artistic laboratory for composers

Producer  – Elena Klimova, the artistic director of Lyudmila Zykina’s state academic folk ensemble “Russia”.

Head of the laboratory, Dmitry Kurlandsky, is a contemporary composer, music director of the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre, artistic director of the international academy of young composers in Tchaikovsky (Russia), an invited professor of the Impuls Music Academy in Graz (Austria), composer courses Sound of Wander in Milan, composer courses in Royaumont (France), meetings of young composers in Apeldoorn (Holland), COURSE (Ukraine), Tzlil Meudcan (Israel), Ticino Musica (Switzerland), conservatories in Amsterdam, Milan, San Sebastian, etc.

Dmitry Kurlandsky is the winner of the “Gaudeamus” competition (Netherlands, 2003), contest for opera composition named after Johann Joseph Fuchs for the Opera “Asteroid 62” (Austria, 2011), winner of the Gianni Bergamo prize in classical music (Switzerland, 2010), the Franco Abbiati prize of the Italian national Association of Music Critics (2017). Guest of the Berlin program for artists (2008). Shortlisted for the award named after Sergey Kuryokhin (2013).